PT4 report - am I haemorrhaging from the SB?

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PT4 report - am I haemorrhaging from the SB?

I recently started grinding 9-max $1.50 regular speed STTs on PokerStars and am up after 28 sessions. (I'm single-tabling so as to get the fundamentals down, develop a strategy etc.)

I want to learn how to detect leaks in my game and get the most out of PokerTracker 4 so I watched the PT4 Primer on RIO which helped me to generate the attached report.

Two things on the report:

1) My SB Chips Won looks ridiculous compared to other positions. Am I really haemorrhaging chips here?

2) The tutor in the video effectively said that your 'run good / bad' is indicated by the difference between the 'All-In Equity Adjusted' statistic and 'Chips Won'. Is this correct? (So I'm a massive luckbox / on a heater?)

Couple other Qs please:

*Can people please recommend the best statistics for me to be monitoring and working on for my game?

*Does the odd looking statistic for SB Chips Won maybe have anything to do with the format I'm playing? (I.e. I get three-handed or heads up somewhat frequently and will, in turn, often (?) get eliminated when I'm SB (i.e. I will lose all my chips in that position).) Or is it actually a leak in my game?

*I was thinking maybe the sample size of 2,500 hands is too small to be indicative?


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