Q High Flush - Wrong to re-raise?

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Q High Flush - Wrong to re-raise?

Hi everyone, first time posting on Run it Once and I'd like to see what everyone thinks of this hand I played in $7.50 re-buy on Stars.

No Limit Hold'em Tournament T50/T100
Buy-in: $6.82+$0.68 USD Hold'em No Limit
8 players
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UTG - UTG (T5,952)
UTG+1 - UTG+1 (T10,190)
MP - MP (T2,534)
MP2 - MP2 (T3,398)
CO - Hero (T5,597)
BTN - BTN (T6,935)
SB - SB (T7,214)
BB - BB (T3,023)

Preflop: (T246, 8 players) Hero is CO with Qd Ks
4 folds, Hero raises to T225, 1 fold, SB calls T175, BB calls T125

Flop: Ad 9d 4d (T771, 3 players - Hero: T5,360, SB: T6,977, BB: T2,786)
SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets T375, SB calls T375, 1 fold

Turn: 7d (T1,521, 2 players - Hero: T4,985, SB: T6,602)
SB bets T450, Hero calls T450

River: 4h (T2,421, 2 players - Hero: T4,535, SB: T6,152)
SB bets T1,500, Hero raises to T4,535 (all-in), SB calls T3,035

Total Pot: T11,491
Hero shows Qd Ks (a flush, Ace high)
SB shows Kd Ts (a flush, Ace high - King higher)

SB wins T11,491

Is the river re-raise completely horrible? Retrospectively I think I'm getting called by better most of time but small chance they have worse flush. I would love to hear what you all think.

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