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QJs 2pair on flushed board

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QJs 2pair on flushed board

Blinds: t60/t120 (8 Players) MP+1: 5,548
CO: 14,030 (Hero)
BN: 18,471
SB: 9,466
BB: 9,119
UTG: 17,993
UTG+1: 5,418
MP: 9,290
no reads about Villian
Preflop (180) Hero is CO with J Q
4 folds, Hero raises to 276, BN calls 276, SB folds, BB calls 156
Villian can have a wide range due to he´s getting 5:1 Pot odds
Flop (984) Q 8 4
BB bets 984, Hero calls 984, BN folds
It´s hard to give Villian a range a potsize donkbet. He can have made flushes, high Flushdraws and Q8,Q4,84 2pair hands. But we have to remove some flushes since most Villians tends to c/r the flop with made flushes. He can also have some spew like 5x6h,Th9x.
I dont think we can just fold toppair on the flop.
Turn (2,952) Q 8 4 J
BB bets 2,952, Hero calls 2,952
On the Turn we hit top 2pair. Unfortunaly T9 would make a straight, but there are only a few T9 combos in his range. We also dominate the Q8 84 Q4 combos. So i think we can not fold on turn.
River (8,856) Q 8 4 J A
BB bets 4,895 and is all in, Hero calls 4,895
He should not have much KT combos so he can not have much straights. If Villian have Nutflushdraw he probably checks river as he gets Toppair and has showdown value. So i dont find a lot of hands we beat on the river. Do u fold River ?

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