QJs on the BTN Multiway pote

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QJs on the BTN Multiway pote

Villain info on the BB 250 hands 24/15/8 First raiser no info...
whats the best way to go here?
When first raiser X flop, he is pretty much giving up here since i dont expect him to doing it with value hands PP or Kx type hands.
At this point BBs range is very wide and i dont think he is defending to many Kx and probably he is 3 betting the better ones and i am blocking that part of his range. I m note sure if we should bet this turn ( and what size?) Or just take the free card and realize our equity? I dont like my shove , cause hes not folding 9x type hands and for sure the Kx... Any thoughts would be apreciatedd , cheerss

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