Ranges in squeeze spot on stone bubble of $270 15m levels tournament (Bovada)

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Ranges in squeeze spot on stone bubble of $270 15m levels tournament (Bovada)

Hello All,

You are playing a $270 tournament on an anonymous site. Your hud (unfortunately) is not working due to the site crashing previously and not reloading hud correctly. It is the exact bubble and is hand for hand.

Blinds are 2000 4000 with an ante.

The HJ opens to 8200 with a 163,000 chip stack. HJ has opened 56cc from the same position 2 orbits ago (only read)
The CO calls with 65,000 behind. Nothing notable about the CO and can't say if he has flatted any opens before.
Again, my hud was unfortunately not working and either way I was moved to the table not long ago so there wasn't much I could gather.

Hero is in the big blind with approximately 110,000 in chips.

There are 118 players left and 117 get paid $463. What are we shoving? If you have a calling range, or 3betting range that is not all in I would be curious to know what it is but I am mostly concerned about the jamming range in this exact situation. Thanks!

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