Risk of being eliminated deep in mtt vs EV slightly above 0

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Risk of being eliminated deep in mtt vs EV slightly above 0

Blinds: t10,000/t20,000 (8 Players) UTG: 283,359
MP: 121,440
UTG+1: 211,051
MP+1: 374,413
CO: 180,122
BN: 82,574 (Hero)
SB: 291,518
BB: 196,656
Preflop (30,000) Hero is BN with A 9
2 folds, UTG+1 raises to 209,051 and is all in, 2 folds, Hero calls 80,574 and is all in, 2 folds
villian OR 17% will call me with all his range giving the pot odds if no one raise after me
Flop (335,625) 2 Q 3
Turn (335,625) 2 Q 3 8
River (335,625) 2 Q 3 8 T
Final Pot UTG+1 wins and shows a pair of Fives.
BN lost and shows high card Ace.
UTG+1 wins 207,148

Hi guys. This might be a fishy question but i have de doubt and i put the hand above as a example...It´s ok to call in this spot knowing that your ev is barely positive but you know that you will be out of the tornament 50% of times when your deep in a mtt?
There where 26 left and no pay jumps until 19th.


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