Short Stack with Pair + Draw combo

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Short Stack with Pair + Draw combo

Hand history overview:

Full Tilt Poker Game #35918661486: Full Tilt Classic Main Event (299120845), Table 11 - NL Hold'em - 200/400 Ante 50 - 13:48:36 PT - 2015/09/20 [16:48:36 ET - 2015/09/20]
Seat 1: PeanutsMiel (6,305), is sitting out
Seat 2: VILLAIN (9,502)
Seat 3: HERO (9,775)
Seat 4: BobbyBrown1972 (11,098)
Seat 5: linkintheory (8,617)
Seat 6: Juice McCooter (17,855)
Seat 7: beer43 (7,635), is sitting out
Seat 8: Blk9s (15,363), is sitting out
Seat 9: bgdnizmo (13,820)

HERO: [Ah Jc]
HERO raises to 800
BobbyBrown1972 folds
linkintheory folds
Juice McCooter folds
beer43 folds
Blk9s folds
bgdnizmo folds
PeanutsMiel folds
snoweverwyhere calls 400
* FLOP [3h 3s 5h] (Total Pot: 2,250, 2 Players)
snoweverwyhere checks
HERO bets 1,125
snoweverwyhere calls 1,125
TURN [3h 3s 5h] [Jh] (Total Pot: 4,500, 2 Players)
snoweverwyhere checks
HERO bets 7,800, and is all in
snoweverwyhere calls 7,527, and is all in
HERO shows [Ah Jc]
snoweverwyhere shows [Ks 3d]
Uncalled bet of 273 returned to HERO
RIVER * [3h 3s 5h Jh] [8d] (Total Pot: 19,554, 2 Players, 1 All-In
HERO shows two pair, Jacks and Threes
snoweverwyhere shows three of a kind, Threes

My thoughts:

With a few people sitting out, I felt like AJo was a reasonable open with appx 25bb (I late reg'd). Everyone folds to the BB, who makes the call. The flop in my opinion is one that I can both c-bet and check behind, although I felt that at my stack depth I would fold to too many turn stabs that weren't on an A/J/heart if I checked behind. I c-bet and villain calls. Turn is pretty interesting in that I hit top pair and have a nut flush draw, however here is where I feel as though I absolutely butchered this hand. Im not quite sure what to do here. I am pretty heavily armored vs straight draws given my nut flush draw, which cuts down on his potential outs. Im now beating pocket pairs (save full house ones) up to TT, tho I feel I woulda gotten jammed on by pocket pair combos on flop. So this is kind of a situation where Im beating a lot but cant get much worse to call. Should i have check called, and decided on river? I feel like no matter what Im going broke in this exact scenario.

Your thoughts?

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