Strategy Adjustments - 4000 BB Deep vs Fish

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Strategy Adjustments - 4000 BB Deep vs Fish

Hey Everyone,

In practice, how do you think we should adjust our play when playing 3000 - 4000 BB deep vs a pool of mostly fish and weak regs? Bovada has these silly structures running daily in games like the "lucky sevens" MTT where you start with 77,777 chips at 10/20 with 7 min levels.

I think we should be trying to see as many flops as possible early on. Losing small-medium pots in terms of BB's in early stages isn't really significant when you start with such a huge stack, and people will generally make massive mistakes getting too many chips in with hands that are too weak when they have 4k big blinds. Intuitively I would think that theory would tell us to increase our RFI sizings being this deep, but in practice I think it makes sense to simply minraise every position except for SB and to play very wide ranges. We can also do a lot of limping and over calling with any sort of connected hand in early stages.

In my experience, these fields tend to be very soft and I know several pros/serious players myself who avoid regging these simply because of the "dumb structure". I think in addition to the preflop adjustments I mentioned above, we can also float more often with speculative draws because of implied odds, but it's also easy to go too far with this generic advice.

Any thoughts on some other adjustments?

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