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Study Partner/Group

I've been playing for about 8 months now. I play often, usually everyday. I played back in the moneymaker era too but nothing serious. I feel like I'm a decent player but my game has stagnated. I don't really have many 'poker buds' to hang out and talk poker with and I think that's a big problem.

I play mostly tournaments but now and then I'll mix in some cash. I'd say it's about 90/10. I seem to win 1st a fair amount and I cash fairly often so I know I'm not terrible. But I think all that really just comes because of my love for the game. I have some of the basic tools: PT4, Fzilla, HRC, EQ Lab and I'll be getting any others that are necessary very soon. Still trying to figure out what those tools might be--GTO+, CREV?

I'm on the east coast but my schedule is pretty flexible since I work from home. I've been a part of a couple other groups that never seem to amount to much. One or two sessions and then they seem to fizzle out.

If you're in a similar spot hit me up. Even if you're a cash player. I think just talking poker would be a huge benefit.

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