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Super Tuesday Postflop Spot

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Super Tuesday Postflop Spot

LJ: mjw006: 4397
HJ: Klebanov999: 15191
CO: ante_geia_AA: 7854
BN: Jymaster11: 7584
SB: Bounatirou: 16553
BB: gray31: 16139
UTG: maeguate: 25417
UTG1: Raaadzio91: 8157
UTG2: bocha2000: 15428
Preflop (600) (9 Players)
gray31 was dealt 9 T
maeguate raises to 800, Raaadzio91 folds, bocha2000 folds, mjw006 folds, Klebanov999 folds, ante_geia_AA folds, Jymaster11 folds, Bounatirou calls 600, gray31 calls 400
Flop (2400) T 3 T (3 Players)
Bounatirou checks, gray31 checks, maeguate checks
Turn (2400) T 3 T K (3 Players)
Bounatirou checks, gray31 bets 1400, maeguate folds, Bounatirou raises to 3200, gray31 calls 1800
River (8800) T 3 T K 7 (2 Players)
Bounatirou bets 6666
Villian is a good reg, we know each other and have played a decent amount together. He is certainly capable but not over-the-top aggressive.
UTG opener is a fish, so I think Bounatirou's SB flatting range 40bb deep is going to be wider than normal, and can include hands like J10s-A10s. Because the opener is a fish I think he can certainly have QJs in his range as well. I am very happy to be betting turn and think I will likely get 2 streets from Kx on brick rivers. When Bounatirou c/r I believe he can have a lot of 10x hands, as well as QJ and flush draws (although I would expect his flush draws to be limited to AJss, AQss, and QJss). I am also unsure of how often he would just lead with QJ or a flush draw as opposed c/r'ing. I think it is pretty unlikely that he decided to just randomly c/r anything weaker than that, so I am pretty confident in limiting his range to those hands.
On river he bets about 75% pot, what's your play?

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