Targeting weak players/short stacks blinds

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Targeting weak players/short stacks blinds

Sometimes you sit at a table and think man I really want to play hands against seats X and Y because they are terrible - weak, super transparent, under-defend blinds, overfold flops or whatever. Or you have history/meta game scenario where they just want to avoid you.

This is great if no-one else is aware of it but astute players may also recognise this and battles for those players blinds may get out of control.

I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on how to proceed when it seems clear that a few players are always battling for the same player(s) blinds. Opening when those players are in the blinds can become less profitable when others know what you are up to (and vice versa). Then again at some point someone is going to end up 4betting all in with ATC which is great if you have a hand.

So I guess this is more of a theory question rather than specific hand... any thoughts on going to war over weak players blinds?

I think this might be a good video topic
If it exists please share

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