Terrible situation on river with top set. Hot109.

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Terrible situation on river with top set. Hot109.

Blinds: t200/t400 (8 Players) MP+1: 4,536
CO: 4,648
BN: 23,771
SB: 4,768
BB: 10,402
UTG: 17,815 (Hero)
UTG+1: 12,512
MP: 8,700
Preflop (600) Hero is UTG with J J
Hero raises to 900, 4 folds, BN calls 900, SB folds, BB calls 500
Flop (3,300) T 4 7
BB checks, Hero bets 1,998, BN calls 1,998, BB folds
Turn (7,296) T 4 7 J
Hero bets 2,998, BN calls 2,998
Should have gone all in instead of autopilot sizing the bet. His range is probably very playable and strong. Hating my sizing now! It was so important.
River (13,292) T 4 7 J 9
Hero checks, BN bets 17,825 and is all in, Hero folds
Still calling the river? He is going to have several sets in his range and probably will valuebet them in position. Check folding is probably hugely exploitable too.
Final Pot BN wins 13,292

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