The ACR MTT poker problem

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The ACR MTT poker problem

Hi! Thank you for reading and I am hoping that you guys are willing to shed some insight on your ACR multi table tournament re-entry strategy. Interested to hear what your responses are to my questions based on my situation. It is interesting to me as this seems to be something that nobody is talking about. Say you have a $10,000 bankroll for poker and there are no implications about life expenses or anything like that. Say you have a small, positive ROI in any tournament you play like 5-10%. You’re playing tournaments up to $55 on ACR and taking occasional shots in larger, good structured tournaments with big prize pools. Basically I am wondering what should my re-entering strategy should be. I also have some specific questions relating to the topic. Here they are.

  1. I am currently NOT re-entering tournaments. Is this a leak or in any way -EV? For example, I’m playing a $11 $10,000 gtd tournament. I am busted in the tournament after 30 minutes. I don’t re enter, I simply just load up another tournament. My reasoning is that because I am spending $11 to enter a tournament where I’ll have 10-20 big blinds, the structure is fast, many people have built a stack already, many of the “fish” have busted and not reloaded, I would be better off investing the same $ in a new tournament. Leak?

  2. For those that re enter, do you have a cutoff where you won’t do it? Is the cutoff based on time, blinds, prizepool, anything at all?

  3. For those that re enter, are you doing so for ANY other reason than to add volume to your schedule?

  4. For those that don’t re enter (I get the sense everybody re enters) do you make an exception if you are playing a tournament that doesn’t come around often? Usually those tournaments, for example the Anniversary Millions or the OSS series, you can bust after 30 minutes – 1 hour and still have a reasonable stack in a good structured tournament. Are you making the exception here?

  5. Is not re entering harming my bottom line or chances in any way? Am I missing something?

  6. Is re entering a better, the same, or a worse proposition than theoretically entering the exact same tournament instead. In the theoretical tournament you will be on the first hand and everyone will have the same chips.

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