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theory question

I recently played a live tourney, and found that the bet sizing by the "regs/pros" was awful considering their hilariously unbalanced ranges.  In general players seem to make tiny tiny bets regardless of the situation or how their range fit with the board.  It seemed (imo) extremely exploitable as their both making it very profitable to bluff catch against them when they were bluffing, and also often giving the correct odds to draw in scenarios where they would want to bet larger to get value from draws or to take advantage of fold equity.

Besides the obvious "lol live tourney pros" comments, is there an ICM explanation for why such rampant under betting would be more +EV than attempting to have bet sizing that somehow fit their perceived ranges?  Or is the explanation simply that so many of the "recreational" players in tournaments are scared/dead money that these pros are taking advantage of having a surprising amount of fold equity for their tiny bets?

I've been playing cash professionally now for 6 years online, and I feel is if the bet sizing leaks of most of the MTT tourney grinders would allow an astute LAGGY (but patient) player great opportunities for exploitation.

MTT guys, please explain to me if I'm nuts or wrong.  Cash guys tell me what you think.  Let the bickering begin!!!!!! :)

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