Too early to play this aggressive?

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Too early to play this aggressive?

I am new to tournament play (used my cash game winnings to play a $3 tournament out of boredom) so this is a pretty basic question. Is this too aggressive to get all my chips in the middle holding an overpair to a low board? Blinds were only at level 3 and although i was near the bottom in chips I still had an M above 30.

PokerstarsNJ $3 KO tournament
Starting chips: 3000 Blind Level: 20/40

HERO MP (2285 chips)
VILLAIN HJ (6060 chips)
SB (4125 chips)

HERO raises to 120 chips
VILLAIN calls 120
SB calls 100 chips
Everyone else folds

FLOP [8s 7d 4c] (Pot: 380 chips)
SB checks
HERO bets 400 chips
VILLAIN calls 400 chips
SB folds

TURN [8s 7d 4c 5d] (Pot: 1180 chips)
HERO bets 1765 and is all in

Is it too early to play this overpair to a low but wet board too aggressive to potentially lose my tournament life on level 3? Or was this a good opportunity to try to double up and get myself deep stacked again? I keep going back and forth on this play.

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