Totally confused as shit in this spot.... 550$ Live

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Totally confused as shit in this spot.... 550$ Live

This was played at a live 550$, and while it probably belongs in Mid-Stakes due to the skill level of field, I like the analysis we get in High Stakes.

BTN: ~190K
SB(Hero): ~270K

We are far and away the two big stacks at the table, with BTN being relatively new to the table. I have no previous history with him, and we haven't played anything other than standard hands so far. He seems to be slightly better than avg field skill level, but this is a very soft tournament.

Blinds are 1200/2400/200a

Folded to BTN, BTN opens to 5500. SB has KTss, 3b to 17,700. BB Folds, BTN calls.


Flop is KQ7r. SB leads for 18,200. BTN calls after about 15 seconds. (He never really took long to make his decisions)


Turn is 10. Full rainbow on board. SB leads for 27,700. BTN goes into tank. Cuts 50k in chips, adds enough to flat to one stack. Pauses, adds enough to min click to the other stack. Start shuffling them. Pushes 2 min in the tank. Pulls one stack back, then announces "All In" and puts out a stack equivalent to a call. The call is for ~130k.... Hero???

Some notes/thoughts: I screwed up turn sizing. After 10 hours of poker, my brain was getting tired and I had intended to bet 37,700. I just simply didn't grab enough chips. What has me right loopy is the chip movement. He often did things like this when he was raising, but this was different in that he counted the call first. Then he counts out a min raise, which would of been very odd for him. He normally goes more in the 3x range. It seemed to me that he was very very on the fence about raising. When he shoves, I was completely lost. It really threw me off that although he announced "all in" - with verbal being binding - he only put in the chips to call. It's as if his intention is one thing, but he's doing another.

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