UTG spot at sunday major final table

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UTG spot at sunday major final table

CO: C Darwin2: 120182
BN: Mcbleeman: 138517
SB: Leqenden13: 260342
BB: IfHeDiesHeDies: 145438
UTG: enterthewu19: 114048
UTG1: a3u: 69312
UTG2: YoungSupremacy: 71654
LJ: CuriousGeorge23: 398734
HJ: NoBadBeatsPlz: 268773
Preflop (7500) (9 Players)
enterthewu19 was dealt 8 8
First hand of the final table of the Sunday Mulligan on FTP.

Pretty standard FTP payouts, a bit more top-heavy than on Stars.

9th is $2K, first is $26K. I'm in 7th place with 9 left.

What do you guys think about 88 here UTG with 23 bb's given stacks and ICM considerations, etc?

I know all of the other players are regulars except for a few names I don't recognize.

If we open, what is our plan against a standard sized 3-bet from someone? Or if one of the two shorter stacks to our left shoves?

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