Tough spot deep in $2.20 Zoom MTT

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Tough spot deep in $2.20 Zoom MTT

Blinds are 400/800 with 100 ante.  

I start the hand with 113k, and raise to 1600 with 10d 9d in the hijack. Villain flats on the button, with a stack of 100k. Both blinds fold.  No read on villain. 

Flop comes Kc Qc 5d, I continue for 2400, Villain flats again.

Turn is the Js, giving me the 2nd nuts. I bet again for 4800, and villain shoves for 96k, into a pot of 15k. What do you do??

We just made it into the money, the average stack is about 25-35k (can't exactly remember) and me and the Villain both have a top 5 chip stack. 

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