tough spot in the 200f second chance on ipoker against decent lag

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tough spot in the 200f second chance on ipoker against decent lag

BN: yerlikaya365: 31807
SB: pillow100: 102517
BB: thr0bbbxx: 69343
HJ: g3r4rdOx: 189387
CO: SirNitAlot: 71745
Preflop (3600) (5 Players)
pillow100 was dealt A 9
g3r4rdOx folds, SirNitAlot folds, yerlikaya365 folds, pillow100 raises to 3600, thr0bbbxx calls 2400
Flop (9600) 9 4 T (2 Players)
pillow100 bets 3800, thr0bbbxx calls 3800
Turn (17200) 8 (2 Players)
pillow100 checks, thr0bbbxx bets 9200, pillow100 calls 9200
River (35600) T (2 Players)
pillow100 checks, thr0bbbxx bets 51303, pillow100 folds
Final Pot
thr0bbbxx wins 88103
Hey had a really tough hand last night in the 2nd chance on ipoker this was the exact ft bubble. Villain was very loose aggro had a fair bit of history including a hand he 5bet folded to me, not sure about his preflop range here but i expect it to be wide and I think he would have quite a large 3bet % pre.
Villian seems competent at hand reading. and I wouldn't be suprised if he had a high % of floats and was capable of bluffing this river.
considering my line what do you think his perception of my range is and is he trying to make me fold or get full value from me on the river. also thoughts on turn would be appreciated to cheers,

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