tough spot in wsop 1500

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tough spot in wsop 1500

Hey guys, so this hand takes place at the 50/100 level in a satturday 1500 NLH. I recognize villain and believe him to be a good player,certainly a pro. He likely perceifes me as a pro, but does not know me. We both have 6 or 7k.

I open 88 in bu 225, he calls in bb. I bet 754r 250 into 500, he calls. Turn K that brings a BDFD, I bet 475 into 1000 and he calls. River T and he somewhat quickly leads 1350 into 200.

I kind of think that I should have bet the turn bigger, but am mostly interested in you guys opinion of villains bluffing frequency on the river. IT appears as if he cant have air, the weakest hand I can give him is A3 I guess. But his line does not make much sense with value, because the T is a card that I am probably expeted to follow through a lot. On the King T runout my range is perceifed to include quite some draws and barrels and more Kx+, while he has a lot of pair + gutter type hands. So it seems like his range should check river. Plus he might x/r flop a decent % with his nutted hands.

So that inclines me to call, but the problem is that, at least online people don't bluff like this a lot at all. What do you guys think?

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