Tough Spot WCOOP ME low deep against reg (Leqenden)!!

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Tough Spot WCOOP ME low deep against reg (Leqenden)!!

Blinds: t70,000/t140,000 (9 Players) MP+2: 2,229,752
CO: 3,070,090
BN: 2,472,310
SB: 7,204,132
BB: 5,050,860
UTG: 2,511,950
UTG+1: 4,014,392
MP: 5,280,542
MP+1: 5,779,191 (Hero)
Preflop (210,000) Hero is MP+1 with A Q
3 folds, Hero raises to 296,800, 4 folds, BB calls 156,800
Flop (821,100) 3 4 2
BB checks, Hero bets 262,752, BB calls 262,752
Turn (1,346,604) 3 4 2 K
BB checks, Hero bets 902,225, BB calls 902,225
River (3,151,054) 3 4 2 K T
BB checks, Hero bets 1,960,000, BB calls 1,960,000
Final Pot BB wins and shows a pair of Kings.
MP+1 lost and shows high card Ace.
BB wins 7,071,054

Could do with some feedback on this hand if possible guys, thought process as follows:

Villain has been defending BB quite wide, on flop I decide to Cbet to fold out majority of his calling range and to protect our equity, turn I decide to bet 66% of pot to get him to try fold out his flush draw, A3o, random 98, TJ, etc and also the K hits our perceived range. now the river is interesting as he checks, all draws miss but I thought by betting here to put him in a tough spot if he holds K7, K8, K6 K5, we have shown strength.... question is do I shove river? I feel a check back is quite weak? I was disappointed to see him show K6o to say the least, could he have folded the river to a shove? not sure

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