Transitioning to MTT

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Transitioning to MTT

Hi Guys i am busy transitioning to MTT's and have run into a bizarre preflop solution sold by a very well known poker player online.

This preflop sheet states that BTN 2.8x at 100bb facing SB 3b of 4x (11.2bb) 4bets less than 1%.. 40% of KK and AKs 15% of QQ and 10% AA JJ. not much else.

I find this quite bizarre especially since SB's threebet range is wide as 16-18%

I went and ran the exact sim on monker-solver and as expected monker solver gave BTN 4b much much more frequent.

I discussed this with a friend and he told me that it could be due to "tournament life".
As far as i know this is only a concept that applies to ICM conditions and not chip ev conditions as the one described above.

Is there an error in the preflop master sheet i bought online or am i no understanding the "tournament life" concept to a point where btn wants to allow sb to see a flop with almost its entire range for free ?

Thanks for reading

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