Turn decision 3-ways?(9-handed PLO-MTT)

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Turn decision 3-ways?(9-handed PLO-MTT)

Played the hand a while back, I dont remember exact stack sizes BUT I know clearly the SPR on the Turn.
Was about 60 left out of 80 starters.

UTG 3x, midpos c, Hero(CO) c with AdKdJc2d, BU and bb calls.
Flop: Q75ddh (5-ways) UTG leads 1/2 pott, midpos folds, Hero and BU calls, bb folds.
Turn: Jh, UTG potts, Hero?

I think my call preflop is borderline? Perhaps you should play tigther in a tour then cg?
SPR on the turn is 1 exactly for hero, BU and UTG has about 2-3 SPR between themselves.

UTG is a good lag, BU is a fish.

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