Turn spot in 3bet pot low spr

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Turn spot in 3bet pot low spr

$400 buy-in live tourney late on Day 1. BB ante in play.

CO 75BB LAG and strong, raising a wide range.

BTN 40BB Seemed to be a “reg” as he knew everyone but seemed passive in general. Hadn’t played a lot of hands and always called preflop, never 3 bet.

Hero SB 55BB I wasn’t playing a lot of hands.

CO raises to 2.5bb, BTN calls and I squeeze 78hh in SB to 8BB. CO fold and BTN calls. Pot 20.5BB.

Flop QT7r I do not have bdfd I block 5.5bb BTN calls. Pot 31.5BB effective stacks around 27BB and I cover.

Turn offsuit 6.

We can check. If we check and BTN bets I feel we have to give up. If he checks back we can delay bluff the river or take show down.

We can block again and fold if he jams. This puts some pressure on his non nutted range.

We can jam with our set blocker and gutter. We could pressure his non nut range and try to get folds from 88, 99, Tx and possibly even QJ. I think folding out KQ is wishful.

Thoughts on the hand in general?

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