Two interesting hands

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Two interesting hands

Reg opens UTG 9handed and we flat AQ on btn. Flop=A67r we call 1/3 pot, TURN=2, he bets half pot and we call. River= J he bets half pot and i raise 3.5x to fold out AK. AQ is the weakest hand i have OTR other than KQs floats sometimes. Is this bluff "gto"?


Reg opens UTG we defend A2hh in BB FLOP=AQT with a diamond flushdraw. We call the cbet. TURN= 8 we call again (should probably fold?)
RIVER= K that completes the flush and we lead for half pot. What should i be bluffing with here? Would you recommend overbluffing as an exploit? Also what should UTG call the river with?

I guess i should buy a solver...

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