UTG vs 19bb CO reshove, best default strategy on micros?

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UTG vs 19bb CO reshove, best default strategy on micros?

Blinds: t50/t100 (9 Players) MP: grogan head: 2,056
UTG+1: NeitansPavão: 13,374
MP+1: andrey288: 3,144
MP+2: Bigdopes: 5,393
CO: vBentoStars: 1,915
BN: gibaoli07: 1,669
SB: BeatleBR: 2,657
BB: DrSaid: 2,152
UTG: Treysix: 2,045 (Hero)
Preflop (150) Treysix is UTG with 8 8
Treysix raises to 210, 4 folds, vBentoStars raises to 1,903 and is all in, 3 folds, Treysix calls 1,693
Flop (4,064) 9 J A
Turn (4,064) 9 J A 4
River (4,064) 9 J A 4 T
Final Pot vBentoStars wins and shows a pair of Queens.
Treysix lost and shows a pair of Eights.
vBentoStars wins 4,064

Hey guys, was thinking about this call. Hand was played vs unknown player, seems more like some reg, not crazy player.

Thinking about best default strategy in this spot taking into account that it's microstakes MTT.

I don't think players on micros/low stakes will reshove too wide here vs UTG. I guess they will play lot of their hands with good playability by calling preflop - hands like AJo, ATs+, KTs+, 87s-JTs, some small pocket pairs like 55-88 and reshove best hands like 99+, AQo+ and AJs+ vs UTG.

Or am I wrong? Not so experienced in this so I'm not sure what is the tendency of player in these spots.

BTW: what range should CO reshove here with 19bb vs mine UTG open when I open like best 9% range with 20bb stack? I guess he has two options, either reshove whole range or call whole range. Mixed strategy is not good as it can be exploited by preflop raiser/ players behind.

If CO decides to reshove whole range it may be something like this? 88+, ATs+, KJs+, QJs, AJo+, KQo (don't have HRC yet :-D so not sure what CO should reshove here )

If I assume he plays mixed strategy as written above and reshoves 88+,AJs+,AQo+ and we have 42% pot odds so we need 42% or more equity we can call TT+,AKs,AKo as TT is weakest hand that has 42% or more equity vs his reshoving range.

This means we will fold quite a lot, like 60%. (call 46 combos, fold 74 combos) and it doesn't seem right with 20bb stack as default.

Do you think players on these stakes are so tight when reshoving 19bb stack Co vs UTG? What range would you call here as default?

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