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weekender 530 though spot close to bbl

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weekender 530 though spot close to bbl

Blinds: t500/t1,000 (8 Players) MP+1: 37,631 (Hero)
CO: 16,338
BN: 32,753
SB: 19,209
BB: 43,827
UTG: 4,446
UTG+1: 47,159
MP: 29,576
Preflop (1,500) Hero is MP+1 with 9 9
3 folds, Hero raises to 2,000, 3 folds, BB calls 1,000
making a min raise since opening a lot pots.
Flop (5,500) 2 8 5
BB checks, Hero bets 2,200, BB raises to 6,199, Hero calls 3,999
decided to bet 40% seems standart to me at this stacks depth and overall just standart cbet. And he raises.. Easy call right ?
Turn (17,898) 2 8 5 3
BB bets 7,054, Hero calls 7,054
The turn is blank'ish ? Well he can have Ac4o but it seems like call on the flop with this kind hand a bit better than raise at least in my opinion.. But i don't know exactly to be honest with you. But for me i'm thinking like he rather has flopped flush or simply trying to push me off a hand since i was really agg and can have weak enough hand to be folding on turn or just a nut fd or mid fd .. So i decided to call
River (32,006) 2 8 5 3 2
BB bets 28,449 and is all in, Hero calls 22,253 and is all in
So the river as blank as it could be ,and he was thinking for a little bit and decided to jam ... I mean guys ,for some of you it's probably clear decision on the river but for me it was really tough ,and unfortunatelly i lost my time bank on the break for a family reasons . So what do ?Is he bluffing ? with what hand if it is the case ? or it's just an easy fold on the river for icm reasons and because the guy was quite tight before. I appreciate all comments . Thank you.

Brand new tournament on pokerstars. I was playing quite agro around 26/20 or so, had a lot of action obviously since the field on my table was really strong. So it was about 80 ppl left and 48 places paid. The guy on the BB is a really good reg who plays almost all MTTs ( big series included ) but overall played a bit tighter that i expected from him ,but well he didn't have much chips ( around 15-20 bb all the time ) but orbit ago he doubled up with KK against QQ ,and now he has chips. so..

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