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Weird spot with Overpair

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Weird spot with Overpair

Blinds: t75/t150 (9 Players) MP: 12,730
MP+1: 9,240
MP+2: 10,780
CO: 9,150
BN: 11,828
SB: 8,340 (Hero)
BB: 7,910
UTG: 11,645
UTG+1: 6,259
Preflop (225) Hero is SB with T T
UTG calls 150, UTG+1 calls 150, MP raises to 700, 4 folds, Hero calls 625, BB calls 550, UTG calls 550, UTG+1 calls 550
Flop (3,680) 3 2 3
Hero checks, BB checks, UTG checks, UTG+1 checks, MP bets 1,650, Hero calls 1,650, BB calls 1,650, UTG folds, UTG+1 folds
Turn (8,630) 3 2 3 4
Hero checks, BB checks, MP checks
River (8,630) 3 2 3 4 7
Hero checks, BB bets 4,315, MP folds, Hero calls 4,315
Final Pot BB wins and shows four of a kind, Threes.
BB wins 17,260

Early stages of microstakes MTT.

Really have no clue what the play on the river is, what hands I want to be calling with and what I should do with my TT, I think holding the Tc leans towards calling rather than folding? I'm not sure but I think im quite high up on my range here, hardly ever floating flop with my flush draws, rarely have any straights and will occasionally have sets/boats, I 3bet QQ-AA pre so would play 88-JJ the same way, also confused about what I would do with 55, 66, especially when holding a club.

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