What could/should Be done differently?

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What could/should Be done differently?

Blinds: t1,250/t2,500 (9 Players) UTG: 77,915
MP: 78,406
UTG+1: 54,300
MP+1: 39,696
MP+2: 126,768 (Hero)
CO: 61,069
BN: 24,110
SB: 14,697
BB: 22,820
Preflop (3,750) Hero is MP+2 with A A
UTG folds, MP calls 2,500, 2 folds, Hero raises to 7,500, 4 folds, MP calls 5,000
Flop (21,000) 6 9 3
MP bets 10,500, Hero raises to 119,018 and is all in, MP calls 60,156 and is all in
Turn (210,674) 6 9 3 8
River (210,674) 6 9 3 8 4
Final Pot MP+2 wins 0 MP wins 162,312
Villain Had the 7♠ 5♠

This was a low stakes MTT. I'd been doing pretty well from the start of it. We're already ITM here and I'm feeling good about taking this one down. I'd been in the top 10 basically the whole time, and when this hand starts I was in 7th, I think. Villain in this hand was running about 40% VPIP but his sharkscope showed that he plays a lot of tournaments. It looks like he's played everywhere from $20 BI, to $1 BI.

When He donked the flop I was a little concerned about him having a set. But I decided he'd most likely check raise with a hand like that, so I shoved. Was that a bad move? Was his call as bad as I think? The more I look at his call on the flop the more I get it. But is it correct?

Any insights you have would be appreciated.


fun fact: four hands later I get AA again. I 3bet all-in, get called by TT, river gives villain a flush. So in 5 hands I get AA twice, (fold the others) and I go from 7th place to busting out in 48th with a min cash). I stopped at that point and started prepping for tomorrow Lol

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