When do we defend the BB REALLY wide?

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When do we defend the BB REALLY wide?

Hello everyone,

So basically I am trying to undersand under which circumstances can we defend REALLY wide in a BB ante MTT?

I'm a cash game player that decided to work some on my tourney chops, so yesterday I jumped in, there I was sitting there with 11BB on the BB, fresh table, last 2 tables of a 5 tables live MTT, 6 handed, UTG +1 reg opens , MP flats and I'm on the BB with J2s. I end up flatting and jamming on JT4 and busting.

I realize this is pretty bad so I am trying to get a framework, if this was CO raise + BTN flat can we justify a call ? Do we even have a flatting range this shallow? When do we have it and how to approach this?


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