Where is My Mistake Here? (Pre, Post, Both?)

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Where is My Mistake Here? (Pre, Post, Both?)

Blinds: t500/t1,000 (8 Players) MP+1: 32,350
CO: 12,000
BN: 28,197
SB: 26,422
BB: 15,818 (Hero)
UTG: 28,868
UTG+1: 7,160
MP: 12,200
Preflop (1,500) Hero is BB with T Q
6 folds, SB calls 500, Hero checks
Flop (2,800) 2 T 4
SB bets 1,000, Hero calls 1,000
Turn (4,800) 2 T 4 5
SB bets 2,400, Hero calls 2,400
River (9,600) 2 T 4 5 5
SB bets 4,800, Hero calls 4,800
Final Pot SB wins 19,200

This player had just got moved to this table, so I only had 7 hands on him. He felt kinda weak just from the little I'd seen but I still wasn't sure.

I know a lot of strong hands will limp in here from SB. I wanted to raise him pre but I'm just too damn timid sometimes.

When he bet the flop, for whatever reason, I knew I had him beat. I had top pair and his bet came out really fast. At this point I thought briefly about raising but I figured I'd let him hang himself. And the rest, well...

I should also mention that this hand took place right after late reg closed. And I always seem to bust out right after late reg. Not sure that plays in here at all, but I wonder if the stage of the tournament would have an affect on your play here.


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