Wich tourney would be +ev to use my ticket given these conditions

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Wich tourney would be +ev to use my ticket given these conditions

Hi, I'm a microstakes cash game player, I'm not a mtt player, I don't even have ideia of how should be my steal shoving range on the bubble, but I won a satellit on party poker that give me a $109 ticket to any mtt on their site, but I can't just register and unregister to get the money, so I will need to play one tourney to have a chance of win some money, I'm planning to play some powerfest event this weekened but considering that I play mostly cash and I'm not a mtt player, wich tourney is the best for me (higher chance of ITM, some postflop game, and I still could win some good money)? I'm not a whale postflop, but on the preflop game I only have an ideia of what a decent preflop strategy looks like playing cash 100bbs deep, wich event is higher ev to play given these conditions? Event 42H 100k gtd on saturday 6 max with PKO and 7 minutes blinds or Event 50H on sunday 250k gtd with a regular structure and 14 minutes blinds, Event 42 I feel I have a better chance of getting some money because of the PKO but the itms and the gtd are lower and blinds increase faster, and Event 50 have a better structure to postflop game, blinds going up 14 minutes, but is a regular structure and for what I checked on the past events only a very low porcentage of the field get some money, wich of them do you think I should play? If you think I should play another event wich do you recomend?

Ps: sorry for my english

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