wsop $1500 overplaying AK

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wsop $1500 overplaying AK

i come in about 15 minutes late
villain is mid-50's, headphones, has a stack of green chips so i assumed he was aggressive, but no reads
we have starting stack, villain covers

1st hand i'm dealt i open AKhh UTG for 75 (6 handed at this point)
villain next to act makes it 225
we 4b to 525
v 5b to 925
we 6b to 1825
v flats

flop 7s8s5x 
we bet 725 with 1800 behind
villain folds QQ
luckily i was going against the bottom of his range, but i hate flatting AKs OOP to a 3b, i rather have initiative, and i did not want to fold
as this hand was happening i thought to myself i'm a spewtard, he's gonna ship it and i'm going to have to continue with 1800 chips

Hand 2
8-9 handed at this point
villain from before opens UTG 75
kid (seems to be weaktight) 3b to 225
we 4b from BB with AKcc to 525
only kid calls with 3.3k behind, we cover

flop (1150) TsTh6s
we bet 525, he flats
turn (2100) 9h
we bet 875, he flats with 2k behind
river (3850) 5s
we shove

this hand i'm ok with, his range is capped at QQ and left him enough on the river to fold to a shove
maybe i could've bet a little less OTF

hero just got moved to a new table with 18.5k at 100/200/25
no reads on anybody, and vice versa

about 15 minutes after being moved hero opens 450 MP AKo
folds to SB who has 8.5k (~40bb effective)
mid-50's, beard and glasses, looks like jesus
SB 3b to 1550
i got the impression this was really strong, JJ+, mayyybe AQs+, AK
we shove
i hate myself for this, i thought calling the 3b and folding when we brick flop was so weak, and thought i could get him to fold JJ and QQ
should we just be flatting and playing poker 40bb effective?

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