WSOP Main Event, AKo deep

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WSOP Main Event, AKo deep

Hi Guys,

Here's a hand I played yesterday at the WSOP ME. I'm a PLO guy and haven't really played NLHE recently, so I was feeling a bit rusty.

Blinds 100/200, eff stack 30-35k (150-175bb deep). I raised AhKc in UTG+1 to 500 and MP 3bet to 1550 ish. MP seems a reg on a tighter side, a white kid in his late 20s/early 30s, but not much reads other than that. My image is probably about the same.

Anyway, action folds to me and I decided to flat instead of 4betting.

Flop (3400) comes Kh Th 6h, so I have TPTK + NFD. I check and he bets 1800 ish.

What do we do here, and why?

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