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0 EV hands vs strong/weak players

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0 EV hands vs strong/weak players

Snowie thinks raising a hand like 44 in MP for a min raise is 0 ev against a table full of strong players, which is understandable since everyone will be 3betting and defending close to optimally.

But does the EV of this hand go up on a table full of weak players at 2nl/5nl?

  1. Well since its 0 EV vs good players, it has to be +ev vs weak players right?

Not sure if this is always correct, since weaker players will be flatting hands like 75s and K8s vs this sizing, where good players will be 3betting a lot with Ax and suited connectors while avoiding calls with the same hands that weaker players would call with. So a hand like 44's EV, would it change? Then you have to consider that if weaker players call 75s and K8s, we should be opening hands like KTo in MP for a min raise as well.

  1. Weaker players will flat stronger hands, which counteracts preflop loose openings?

This is something I always think about in softer games. Yes we can open more hands than usual since people are passive and not 3betting enough, but the trade off is that they will have stronger hands postflop than average. Is the tradeoff of realizing the equity of the lowest part of our RFI range worth playing vs a stronger range postflop?

I'd like to know what you guys think - the big here is do we exploit softer games by playing tight or loose. Traditional thought is to play tight, but I suspect that playing very loose pre and realizing your equity with 0 ev hands, then adjusting postflop accordingly, might be better.

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