1-2 Live BB decision preflop

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1-2 Live BB decision preflop

1 limper ($60 stack)
Loose player, but not that loose, who usually makes it $7 raises to $12 ($110 stack)
2 calls ($150 stack, and a $100 stack)
Hero has AcTc on the BB, I look left and don't think the limper is going to jam

Basically, I'm wondering what the bottom of my range would be here. When we call, there will be a pot of $53, and an SPR of around 2 with most players, making our draws way less valuable, and our top pairs are probably not very good either. I don't like squeezing too much with the low SPR, because do we really want to squeeze GII for 50BB w ATs(likely behind alot)

I would probably fold something like A9s and below, and squeeze things like AQo+, TT+, AJs+, KQs+, and im tempted to just throw this as a squeeze too. I mean we probably do get enough folds based on the amount of money in the middle for what we are risking. Would it be that bad to just fold preflop?

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