1-3-5 Line Check

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1-3-5 Line Check

Hero raise CO to $20 w AKo playing $700 eff

Very aggressive Reg reraises BB to $80 covering

Very splashy Recreational Cold calls on the $5 mandatory straddle $500 eff

Action on Hero. $180 in middle. Hero jams all in for $700 eff(140bb)

Just wondering if there is another option here. Think Bb can have a lot of offsuit KQ things in range, pairs, and maybe even wider. Prob mostly linear tho

I’m not 100% because I kind of want to be using some other sizings with stuff like AA, but def think it’s prob okay to jam QQ+, AK, and then have a flatting range with stuff like TT/JJ, AQs, AJs, KQs, QJs, JTs...

I considered using a $240-$280 sizing as well, but that may lead to some really strange spots post flop where the 3b calls and then the cold caller overcalls again. Seems like an okay simplification to just jam QQ+\AK. Just not 100% because of the extra 40bb in my stack. We are risking a lot relative to the initial 3bettor who has only risked 11% of their stack. However, there is 36bb in middle at this point so jamming seems quite good.

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