1-3 am I nitty?

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1-3 am I nitty?

So this is something that kinda comes up often in the live games I play, and it feel very tight, but I think it makes sense

Example 1
Guy in his 50’s who’s limped in a few times already makes it $13 on button w $250-$300 stack and a limper ahead(this is clearly bad preflop sizing for how the games play, and he’s been limping)....

Because he is limping, what I tend to see if a lot of people have stronger than average raising ranges, even from the button.(another thing too is people don’t want to be “chop blockers” and will fold rather than steal wide )

Anyways, hero has a hand like JTs in the sb. Usually this is a slam dunk 3b against a normal range, but if villain is opening like AJ+, KQ+, 88+, QJs+ mayyyybe just maybe QJo, it seems to me like the best thing is to just 3b a very tight linear range, something like AJs+, AQo+ etc, TT+

Example two
Younger guy, maybe 30’s, who’s been kinda tight, has limped, seems passive, makes it $17 on button w 2 limpers(earlier made it $12 w a limper w AJo). $200 stack

Again I interpret his range to be very strong. We have AJo on Bb and just fold pre, prob reraising like AQo, TT and better. Maybe AJs, but maybe also just a flat to keep the wide ranges in and not pump money into a tight range)

Am I being a straight up nit or is this appropriate? It seems fine to me(maybe in second example we still 3b AJs)

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