1-3 w $5 straddle and LOADS of action

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1-3 w $5 straddle and LOADS of action

Live 1-3 game w a $5 straddle

Bttn straddles and is a very very splashy player who is capable of shoving kinda wide(Suited Ax, any pair, broadways, prob some SC's depending on mood).. He has $135

SB limps w $200 stack and is capable of calling 13bb+ raises with a hand like 64s, Kxs, J7s, J9o etc
BB limps and $400 and is kinda sticky and wide too
UTG 1 limps and is a loose passive asian lady who will probably do some folding but is also kinda sticky
MP limps and is a splashy/sticky guy covering
Hero has KQhh on LJ and $500 eff

CO is a splashy guy who I have seen call 3b's of 33bb with 73s before lol.

SO! What we do?! lol. I feel like I have a tight image(especially in this game given preflop raises are like 7-13bb, and tons of cold calling, so basically just nitting it up and stacking people when pick up strong hand. My standard size ended up being 6x to try to get it heads up.

Even though my image is tight, I still think these people just want to gamble and will get involved pretty light. I almost feel like I should be limping this behind and not raising. If I do raise, I think I need to make it like $50, to try and at least generate some sort of fold equity, otherwise I'll be going super mult-way with like nothing behind.

It's kinda insane, but I think I have to basically just raise JJ+, and AQ in a situation like this. KQs and AJs seem marginal, as crazy as that sounds. I ended up raising KQs to $45 here, but not entirely sure if it's better than just limping it. Problem with limping is the guy in CO likes to make like $40 raises, but suppose we can just limp call at that point just for odds sake.

I don't know, kinda a weird dynamic, where I think it's best that we just nit it up super hard, raising premiums, and just try to pot control, make strong hands and get stacks.

I was thinking about it away from the table, and with 4 limps and a button straddle, I feel like I should be raising a range that would be similar to a UTG range at a 10-max table, maybe even a seat earlier than that. So not even 100% sure on AQ. But AQ prob is too good, given if we spike a pair we can prob get stacks in good, and we do probably win preflop at least sometimes. But think there is merit in not raising KQs or AJs in a situation like this, as weird as it seems. Kinda hard to piece together on the fly, but think it's probably just the thing to do.

Suppose another option I just thought of, is we can also raise bigger. If we make it like $60, we probably get more folds. It's kind of a similar risk reward as it would be 3-betting. there is $25 in pot, and we risk $60 to win it. If someone made it $15, it wouldn't be unreasonable to 3b to $60 sometimes, or 45 or 50. So I guess we could also look at this like a 3-bet situation sort of. Except I think we still need to be semi tight, especially with the short stacked bttn who can just shove on us pretty light. So maybe a hand like AJs and KQs is good enough, we just need to be raising really big.

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