100NL - 3-Bet Pot In Position. Turn shoving opportunity?

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100NL - 3-Bet Pot In Position. Turn shoving opportunity?

UTG is 38/0 over 24 hands.
SB is 18/15 over 132 hands. 3bet % - 6%

Upon review, although I don't know specifically what SB's 3-Bet range is, I feel it is more likely that SB flats with a certain proportion of his range here due to the UTG limp and therefore is 3-betting with a polarised range. I would assume that 22-TT would make up a lot of this flatting range, as well as ATs-AQs, KTs-KQs, QTs, QJs, JTs, AJo, AQo, KQo.

I think UTG's flatting range is mainly linear, say the top 8% of hands. Once he flats, I have an easy call IP and with 3:1.

I think this is a flop that will hit with a lot of SB's 3-bet bluffing range, as these will sit under his flatting range. When he checks, I would assume he is doing this with a lot of his 3-bet value hands, given it is 3-way and the fish cold-called his 3-bet.

I think the fish would see this as a favourable flop if he has 77+, so I decide to check as I don't want to be x/r'd of my hand and get to see another card for nothing.

I think the SB is leading a lot here with the majority of his range due to the flop action. My questions are:

  1. Should we have a raising range here? And if so, is JTss part of it?
  2. What other hands would go into a raising range here, if there is one?
  3. Should we have a raising raise on a spade turn?

I ended up shoving but on reflection, I think this hand isn't great. We block TT/JJ, which could form part of his folding range. Feel as if I butchered the hand a bit so any thoughts really appreciated and welcomed.

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