(100Nl) Raise turn line check/ alternate option?

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(100Nl) Raise turn line check/ alternate option?

Villain had been noted for polarizing from BB, going thinner for value with three bets from BB.
Villain CB's fairy aggressive, when he goes for delayed CB I feel his range could be wide.
OTT I feel I can rep slow played JJ, AhAx, KJ ( maybe some unsuited variants, givien PFR sizing and positions.)
My hand does block some of villains continuing range(8sxs, 6sxs) OTT . I don't think villain is capped per say, but I feel he could of been going for C/R with the top of his range. Also he picks up equity with many gutters and spade draws
That being said I feel not CBing this flop will weaken his range, and he may be stabbing with some very weak non SD hands.
Thoughts? Criticism is always welcome ! :D

Ty !

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