$10\$10 + BB $100 ante Middle 2 pair facing 2x pot jam

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$10\$10 + BB $100 ante Middle 2 pair facing 2x pot jam

Anyways its $10 \ $10 game with $100 BB ante game. Not sure if this plays like 40\80 or $25\$50 because you see players opening to $120 & others to $250.

Gal won a wsop six max event last year. Seems like a cash game fish, but makes some sick reads \ plays. Very sticky playing vpip 52% \ 27% pfr. Low 3bet%

Garrett playing vpip 30% and 21% pfr

Gal ep limps $10, garret raises to $250, someone calls, Gal 3bets to $1300 with Js9s. Garrett calls, and guy on btn folds.
Flop ($2900) Ad9h7d
Spr like 10.
Gal ($28,600) Js9s cbet $1,000
Garrett ($60,000) raises to $4,300.
Gal calls $3300 more.
Turn ($11,500) Ad9h7dJh
Gal ($23,300) Js9s checks
Garret all in!!!
Gal fold or call???

What would you do in this spot?
Garret can have all suited 2 pairs A9s, A7s, 97s, T8s, 77, 99, AA, then his bluffs are like 9d8d, 8d6d, JdTd, QdTd, KdTd, etc. Gman usually won't show up with AK AQ or A10s in this spot. He does use a linear value range in general, but should have a polarized range in this spot in terms of 2 pair+ or combo draw.

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