10/10/20 LIVE vs TAG GOOD REG. Need some opinions.

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10/10/20 LIVE vs TAG GOOD REG. Need some opinions.

5k eff 10/10/20 H CO 70 KTs(hh) V sb 3b 300 call.

F:Kd5d2s V cbet 200 H raises 550 call
T:7c xx
R:7s x H 450 V calls.

First my info on V. He is a tight pro,his range from the sb is merged(88+,AK,AQ) but I think the straddle 20 might push it towards a tighter range (TT+,AQ).

Now on the flop... being 5k deep I raise it here because: 1.I saw him use a depol cbet range (meaning he can cbet 33% with tt-jj,aq) so this means I can extract some light value on the flop (I don't expect him to fold a pair to a 2.5 x raise). Now,the second reason is being that deep,he has an auto x turn and has to play pot control vs me , and I get to showdown cheaper than x-ing flop and guess turn.So IMO the flop always goes xc in his view,and turn x.

This being the reasoning ... my question here is: Is too light of a river value? In this specific hand V shows AA, and I think I might value own myself in this specific spot.

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