10/20 Deep River Call?

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10/20 Deep River Call?

Underground game. 8 handed. 

Hand 1: Eff stacks BB 3K, Hero 7.5K

Hijack opens for $60. I make it $190 with AsAc from button. BB cold calls (within 3-4 secs). Ep folds.

Flop ($450): 8cJs5h. 

- BB check, I check. 

Notes: Not much history with BB, saw him show a bluff once ~ 10 hands before this hand. 

Turn ($450): 5s

- BB leads out $250. I think raising is too strong here as we fold out his bluffs; so we call.

River ($950) Tc

- BB bets $250. Our perceived range is here pretty wide, because we have been active from the button and we know that villian knows this. His sizing seems very value-ish. 

- We raise to $680 for value. Obviously I don't expect a better hand than ours to fold ever, we just polarise in this spot so he could bluff catch with Jx. 

- V1 ships for $1680 more. Now this spot is a little gross. I definitely think that villian has big enough cahones to pull this with air since our perceived range is A-high type of hands that he may think we are turning into bluffs. I doubt, however, that he does this we Jx. There are a few nut hands in his range 88/JJ/TT. He can also have JT that is trying to get value from my AJ/KJ/QJ.


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