10/20 live at casino 3way with AA

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10/20 live at casino 3way with AA

V1 - LJ (covers) Drunk and loud European guy, seems to not care about the money, called 3 huge streets with AK high and was good. I remeber him from over a year ago when he was bluffing a lot and showing every time.

Hero - CO ($4,900)

V2 - BUTTON ($1,400) Huge calling station, basically calls raises pre with atc, and sticks to any pair/draw posflop for almost any amount.

1 limp, V1 limps, I raise to 150 with AdAs , V2 calls, limper folds, V1 calls.

Flop (500)
3d 5d 8c

V1 checks, I bet 350, v2 calls, v1 chk-raise to 850.


I call, V2 calls.

Turn Kd (3,050)
V1 bets 1,000, I call, V2 calls 400 (for less)

River: Tc (5,550)
V1 bets 1,000

Hero ?

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