10/20 live: capped range capitalization

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10/20 live: capped range capitalization

Villain: Mid 20s unknown male, covers live tells very well, 5k deep assumed pro. Saw him 3b squeeze 6bbs over an MP open and 3 LP calls. He probably perceives me as same, witnessed a hand I played earlier where SB opens I call BB with 98o, flop 753r I float, turn 2o I raise a cbet and barrel a K turn and got called by 52. 


We PFR AJo HJ to 70, just villain calls BB.

Flop: ($150) KJ5o goes chk chk (I cbet this 80%)

Turn: ($150) 8s (bdfd) he leads 110 I call.

River: ($370) 5o he chks I bet 240 he thinks about 15s and makes it 1300. Hero?

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