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.10NL 3b QJdd from SB

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.10NL 3b QJdd from SB

HERO($10.96) is SB w QJdd
LJ ($10.78)

LJ opens to $.30
HERO raises to $1.20
LJ reraises to $2.80
HERO calls $2.80
(pot $5.42)

First & foremost, I dont usually 3b vs a LJ open w this wide of a range. However, once I 3b & LJ reraises so small, I'm priced in to call. Also, while not completely happy about it, our hand plays well vs some hands the LJ can have in this spot. Optimally, i think folding pre vs LJ open is better.

FLOP: 3d 8d 2h
HERO checks
LJ checks
(pot $5.42)

Was planning to x/c if LJ bet flop as we have decent equity against the majority of hands that LJ is gonna have in this spot.

HERO bets $2.85
LJ calls $2.85
(pot $10.83)

Im not so sure I like betting this turn. We turn top pair however given the action pre flop we're still gonna be behind here some of the time. LJ is still gonna have AA/KK that checked flop at some frequency. LJ can even have KQs/AQs although I dont think those hands 4b pre very often. Anyway, I think x/c turn is a better play here as we keep the pot small & makes playing rivers easier. Betting doesnt seem to accomplish much aside from folding out LJ's AK hands.

HERO checks
LJ bets $5.13 & is all in
HERO calls $5.13
LJ shows KsKd, wins $20.58

I think our call on the river is horrible. We dont beat any of LJ's value range & its hard for him to have any real bluffs on this river given how the hand was played. I think our river call was a compounding mistake extending from our turn bet. This is a total station call imo.

Would appreciate any & all feedback on this hand. I think we played it poorly on essentially every street minus the flop when it checked through. I think we should be folding pre vs LJ opening range. As played, I think x/c turn, & maybe x/c some rivers is better play.

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