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.10NL - AKo going to the flop multiway

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.10NL - AKo going to the flop multiway

HERO($11.73) is LJ w AdKh

HERO opens to .30
BTN calls .30
SB calls .30
(pot $.95)

Standard open. Multiway pots OOP are tough for me so going to the flop 3 way isnt ideal.

FLOP: Qc Ah 8d
SB checks
HERO bets $.71
BTN calls $.71
SB folds
(pot $2.30)

I bet a larger size on flop since 2 other players in hand. There a few turn cards that can make it tough for me to play OOP vs BTN/SB calling range so wanted to reduce their odds to make a correct call. Is this an okay size to use?

TURN: 2s

HERO bets $2.05
BTN calls $2.05
(pot $6.20)

The turn is a rly good card for me. Should rarely, if ever, improve BTN hand& doesnt bring in any backdoor flush draws or complete any straight draws BTN could be calling flop w. I think sizing is okay. Going a bit larger might not be a bad idea as it sets up our hand to jam river a bit easier since SPR will be closer to 1:1.


HERO checks
BTN bets $9.87 & is all in
HERO folds

I'm not rly sure on this street. BTN value range has us crushed when he jams all in as I dont think he would shove a worse ace - would think he would check back or maybe even thin value bet. As played, his value range could include any Qx hand that called flop/turn, 88, 22. The only bluffs I could put BTN on were some combos of KJ, although we block w our K, & maybe J10 at some frequency. Idk how often those hands are calling both flop & turn given our sizing on both streets. I decided to fold cause I think we rarely have best hand when BTN overbet shoves the river. I'm not rly sure if this is correct or not?

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