[10NLZ] Not an interesting HH, but do you bluff this spot often?

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[10NLZ] Not an interesting HH, but do you bluff this spot often?

Hi guys, this spot is not interesting, but I would like to know if you are used to bluff it often. Villain is a weak reg, the kind of pretty tight player that won't make crazy hero calls.

So we have about 30% against his range. If we check back the river, our EV is about 13,64$.

Let's assume we are bluffing pot and that he calls all of his 6x and 8x, folds thrash hands, ace high etc: we need him to fold 50% of the time, and in fact he will fold 71% of the time. With that, bluffing a PSB OTR's EV is about 13,72, so 0.08$ more EV than checking back.
So I think I should bluff 100% of hands when I have about 35% EQ- in this spot? Is this the right kind of adjustment versus bad regs in micros? I working on my redline these past few days, and I would like to know if this is the right approach to fix it.


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