1/2 live, straddled pot cbet decision

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1/2 live, straddled pot cbet decision

Hi all,

New member here and I wanted to see if I am applying some of the concepts I am learning correctly.

I did not play this hand, but observed it.

1/2 live, with a $5 utg straddle

Utg+1 ($260 loose passive rec) limps, button ($500 not a horrible player. Def beating this game by playing tight, value betting big and not paying off. Isn’t over limping a ton here) limps, sb ($300 loose passive rec ) limps, straddle (covers, def studies. Straddled because game was loose and action and he was engaging the table.) makes it $40, everyone calls.

Pot $160
Flop Kd Js 3d

Been trying to think outside the box a lot more and recognize spots where people are heavily capped. This is one I think. Every other player is at a huge disadvantage to the straddle range.

Sb checks and the strategy that first came to my mind was just absolutely blasting big here like $250 with a range of AA,JJ,AK,KQo with d, NFD, and straight draws.

Second bet size of like $80 with KK,KQ,QQ, some of the weaker flush draws we have now after bluffing pre (def debatable if we should have many of those given game conditions tho) and maybe some of the weaker gutters benefit from this size.

Then we can check our whiffs like77-TT and protect that range with KJ, and the other Kx we have.

I haven’t done any solver work on this exact spot but rather looking for critique of my real time thinking and application of what I’ve been learning here.

Thanks for the replies!

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